Some MC photos

This is a companion page to my bio. To give you some idea what I look like here are a couple of photos in reverse chronological order.


With my sons Gabriel (standing) and Ludvig (left) celebrating Newtonmas, 2012.

With eldest son Ludvig at his graduation, June 2012:

May 2012. Photo by David Westlund:

With wife and daughter:

Just shaved in July 2011. One of the first times I shaved my head with my Merkur 38C safety razor with Feather razor blades. Extremely sharp! Managed not to cut myself too much this time, but made a few very bloody mistakes earlier. I also have a Merkur 34C. I don't recommend using safety razors for head shaving without much practise.

Eating soy icecream and strawberries with daughter and Ludvig while visiting their grandmother in summer of 2011:


MC (at the extreme right) with the other adult members of the Area 41 collective during a party, probably in 1998. Four adults, two kids, 18 computers and redundant Internet connections. We had some good times.

In front of an X terminal with Magnus in our shared office in the T1 collective in 1997:

I actually have a part of this photo as text as well. Looks best with black text on white background and some distance from the screen.

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