Dennis place in the void*

otherwise know as VelvetBoy

"a semi extraordinary computer programmer, with skills in robotics,
programming, computers, science, and horseriding. A social being,
happily entertained by friends and collagues, with a cynical and
sarcastic humor."

I don't have much to offer on this site, as of yet, and perhaps always. If interest 
arises, I might put up code, cartoons, horseriding tips, long rants and perhaps even
something interesting. 

There was a subdomain of hack, the available for those of you
that has access to the ipv6 network, that connects to my own computers
webserver. See for example sixXS for more information regarding
access to ipv6 network.

If you (the visitor to these pages) have some hardware in form of robotics-parts, computer-
parts or other useable things that you might think I could be interested in, you are welcome
to mail me and tell me about it.
I can offer a deeper insight into what I've done, if people follow this link
Other information could be found in online communities such as FaceBook for

                     That's all I've got for now... 

Dennis: dennis (at) hack (dot) org
Last modified: 2017-03-09 12:16