This is not madness. It is a state of mind.

Due to some strange fluctuations in the time-space continuum there are new ways to think.
It opened up some doors for you, to forever spin down into.
The flower opened like a dangerous situation, full of stars.
Few are chosen, but who cares, we will find the tea-blaze of a new perception anyway.
The container of life speeds through space like the DNA of a hybrid swamp thing.
Interlocked, fast forwarding the past to the future of the present.
Completely different tokes have been added to a new noise.
Spinning, spinning, spinning.
The cortex of a nebula lost in the eye of the one that weeps.
What has become full of curiosity will see the light of night.
Weird, strange, twisted colours of the soul grabs for a piece of eternity.
The shaman will guide you through the strange windlings of hyperspace.
Psychedelic visions of a time to come, a place to be.
Within the shape of the hand another world life form search for the clouds.
Sparkling sounds of flames touch your eyes through neuron sequencing technology.
Lose yourself to the smell of Big Bang.
Touch the words of the gnomes, for they have learned a new way to create Yellow.

Hosted by the Temple.