Older Addresses

To see if you've found the right MC I thought I'd mention some of my older e-mail addresses and other online contact information. Please don't try to use these. Instead, see my current contact information.

E-mail over UUCP and Internet

In chronological order from 1990(?) to the present:

I've used several more work e-mail addresses since, but mostly for internal communications.

Bulletin Board Systems and KOM Systems

I was usually known as “MC” or “Cardell” during the BBS days of the 1980s.

Some of the BBSes I frequented from 1986 to ~1991 were:

For a while during that time I had my own unnamed BBS using my own software running during evenings and nights in the 0650 area code.

From 1991 to ~1992 I was fairly active on

and a few others in the Linköping area.

After that, I set up The Hackmachine BBS, later known as IBKOM, on a Sun 3/60 and later a DIAB DS/90. The UUCP node name was closet.

A user “foo” on The Hackmachine and IBKOM was known via UUCP as closet!foo via lysator.liu.se. Contact me if you were one of my old users.

I used to have a user at a DEC 2065 called AIDA in Uppsala. I was participating in the KOMv6 HACKOM and AIDAKOM at the end of their lives.

I'm still available on modern day KOM conference systems such as the LysKOM server at Lysator. I used to be on CD-KOM (RIP, CD!) and SnoppKOM as well.

Occasionally I'm on the Common conference system.


I was available on many Fidonet nodes in the 1980s, but I think this was the most used address: Mikael Cardell, 2:205/223, IIRC.


My first official DECNET mail address on the SUNET DECNET was ANGELA::CARDELL. ANGELA was a large VAX at the Ctrl-C academic computer society.

Internet Relay Chat

I was very active on IRC in 1991—1992 as teakettle. I was usually on #sweden and #tea when the #-channels appeared. At the time there was only one IRC network.

During the next ten years or so I visited the EFNET network occassionally, usually using the nick stavrogin.

Nowadays I'm usually idling as mchack on Freenode and OFTC, and EFNet.

Multi-user Dungeon/Dimension

I used to play the LPMUD known as NannyMUD for some time in 1991. My character there was known as Teakettle.

I was active in the MediaMOO of the MIT Media Laboratory for a while, perhaps in 1993? I believe my character there was called Teakettle as well, but I also had a character called Mumrik. I usually hung around the Future Culture crowd.

Of course, I visited many other MUDs as well, but I wasn't very active. Mizar at Uppsala University and Genesis at Chalmers comes to mind.

Finger & talk

For a long time you could look at my profile and plan by

$ finger cardell@lysator.liu.se

and later

$ finger mc@lysator.liu.se

and you would get something like:

Login name: mc                          In real life: Mikael Cardell
Directory: /home/mc                     Shell: /bin/bash
On since May 29 10:08:35 on pts/41 from mcnet-he-dyn.hack.org
Mail last read Thu May 28 22:16:12 1996
Project: To break the long, dark tea-time of the soul.
Michael Cardell Widerkrantz, usually known as MC.

Hacking mostly network stuff. Possibly available for contract work.

See my personal files at


There was actually a machine called "lysator", but most people weren't actually logged in to that machine, so if you wanted to know where someone was, you would do:

$ finger @lysator.liu.se

and get a list back based on rwho showing where all current users on the Lysator network were logged in. After that you could chat in real-time (really real-time --- talk showed all your kepresses directly) by doing

$ talk cardell@lage.lysator.liu.se

if I was logged in on lage.

Web Communities

I really don't like web communities, mostly because of the often hideous user interfaces, but I guess I'm the curious type...

Many years ago I was somewhat active on the Helgon.net (now closed) web community for Swedish goths. I started out as Stavrogin, deleted my user profile and came back as Mersault, deleted it again, then came back as Freudedivision, deleted it yet again and came back as KamratS and then changed that name back into Stavrogin. Phew.

I was also active on the Lunarstorm community some years ago, perhaps from 2001 to 2002. I was known there as Stavrogin.

You can get a shiny green point if you figure out where all the names came from.

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