What am I doing now?

This is my /now page. Perhaps you should have one, too?

Living in Malmö in the south of Sweden since 2004. Sharing the central flat with my wife Petra and our daughter.

My two grown sons from an earlier marriage are attending BTH, doing sound design, and HIS doing computer game design.

Since 2015 I work at Netnod as a programmer, mostly writing Go programs, but also doing devops stuff with Ansible and Docker, among other things.

Still trying to work a 6 hour day, mostly to get more time with my daughter, and because, honestly, I'm fragile enough as it is.

I'm currently on a Twitter break, trying to get back into reading fiction. A success so far, with an avarage of two books a week.

Most of the local groups I was a part of are dormant: Malmö Open Source Interest Group, the hackerspace Forskningsavd (web-site down), #merakrypto. On the other hand, just went to the first Malmö golang meetup.

Latest software projects: a simple XMPP client with an Emacs frontend, an XMPP bot that tells me status information about my holiday home, and playing around with a new blog generator in Emacs Lisp.

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