Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.

— Jon Franklin

In this modern word of FooBooks and BarSpaces personal web pages might look like an abandonded technology, but I like them. I encourage everyone to have one.


I am not a web designer, as should be painfully obvious from these pages. Content, in my case, is mostly text, so that's what I'm trying to deliver. I try to follow standards and try to avoid using images for decoration or for navigational purposes. The images that I use on my pages, mostly photos, carry at least some meaning themselves.

Almost all pages are static files containing a small subset of HTML 5. There's no Javascript. I don't do cookies, unless you count the ones baked in an oven.

I have written rater minimal CSS compliant stylesheets but all pages should be perfectly viewable without CSS support.

I include a timestamp at the bottom of each ordinary HTML file unless it is otherwise dated.

Tools Used

Some of the Postscript files were written directly in Postscript by myself, mostly just for the fun of it.

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