Internal services

Fingerprint and keys

IMPORTANT! Please check fingerprints and keys before connecting to internal services.

Mail and XMPP services uses Let's Encrypt certificates and should work right away.

Reading mail

You can use POP3 or IMAP4 to read mail.

IMAP Subfolders should use "/" as a separator. Preferably folders should be stored alongside INBOX, not in INBOX. See below under Filtering.

Push mail with IMAP IDLE and server-side search is supported.


Note that even if you have SSH access to our shell box and use Alpine or Mutt you still need to use IMAP.

Sending mail

To send mail, use ESMTP with STARTTLS or SSL.

Filtering mail

Postfix names

We support postfix names on your e-mail address. You can add +whatever to your address. An address such as will be delivered to This might help when filtering incoming messages.

Sieve filtering language

We support the Sieve mail filtering language and the ManageSieve protocol to manage the filters.


Some mail clients has ManageSieve functionality either built in or as a plugin.

Please store your folders alongside INBOX not under INBOX, that is:

and not


We run an openly federated XMPP server. This means you can talk to everyone else with an XMPP account, anywhere.

Your client should be able to find the server automatically.

You need an account created specifically for XMPP. Contact MC.


Use for generic shell use, IRC clients, et cetera. SSH fingerprints in keys.

Web pages

Everything under public_www in your home directory on shellbox will show up at<your-username>/ in 15 minutes.

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