Fingerprints and keys

Fingerprints and host keys.

The above link goes to a file with fingerprints of certificates and public keys used by some services at The file is signed with MC's OpenPGP key.

Download the file as a binary file and verify

% gpg --verify host-keys.asc

or similar in your PGP program.

You should already have MC's OpenPGP key, but for completeness it's 4096R/0x7C216BB455CEB57B. Full fingerprint:

FFE4 7E6D 031B 5E72 D3A0  935E 7C21 6BB4 55CE B57B

Note that this a new key since 2012. The new key is signed with the old key, 1024D/0xB22E2C10E4C92FA5 from 2005-10-26.

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