Michael Cardell Widerkrantz

Picture of MC, a man with shaved head, goatee and glasses.

My name is Michael Cardell Widerkrantz. People usually call me MC.

I live in Malmö in the south of Sweden with my wife Petra and our daughter. We share a flat with a lot of computers and at least eleven bookcases.

I started programming in 1985. In 1995 people started paying me to do it. Most of my programming concerns Unix systems and computer networks. See résumé for the boring details.

Some important things (in no particular order): Books, free software, Emacs, FreeBSD, mechanical keyboards, the end-to-end principle, IPv6, craft beer, strong coffee, really hot chili sauces, human and animal liberation, vegan food, scientific scepticism, zen buddhism.

For more about me, see the about page.

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