Michael Cardell Widerkrantz

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My name is Michael Cardell Widerkrantz. People usually call me “MC”.

I live in Malmö in the south of Sweden.

Too see what I've been up to lately, see my now page.

Geek code

Version: 3.12
GCS/L/P d--@ s+:-- !a C++(++++) UBL++++$ P++$ L++$ E+++ W- N+++ o+
K++ w O- M V PS+++ PE Y++ PGP++ t 5 X+@ R@ !tv b+++ DI++ D--- G e++ 
h---- r+++ y?

Explained and commented version.


I write code and manage some Unix-likes, sometimes at the same time, aka “devops”. I also worry a lot about computer security. I admit that it's a rather complicated love-hate relationship.

Between 2009 and 2011 I was a stay-at-home dad with my daughter. I believe this was very good for both of us.

Before that I slaved away as your regular C/Unix code monkey for many years. See résumé for the boring details.


I was born and grew up in the vicinity of Hudiksvall in the north of Sweden. I discovered computers and programming in 1981 but couldn't afford a computer of my own until 1984 when I bought a horrible Commodore Plus 4 for a bargain. Read more about current and previous computers.

I was bullied through primary school but somehow managed to survive. Computers, books and music helped. In secondary school I completed some courses ahead of time to get more time with computers. Like it says in the Kraftwerk song: “It's more fun to compute!”

More or less by chance I moved to Linköping in 1991, ostensibly to study at Linköping University (BA 1994), then almost immediately discovered the Lysator Academic Computer Society, later met my first wife Helena, had some kids, got my first real job and ended up spending a surprisingly long time there. In 2004 I moved to Malmö in the south of Sweden, again more or less by chance.


Like Andrew Eldritch says, “Books are the best technology there is.” We have at least eleven bookcases full of SF & F and arcana of everything from politics, medicine, history, linguistics, computer science to conspiracy theories and scientific scepticism, and all things in-between.

I listen to a lot of music. I'm fond of saying I'm an old punk that somehow discovered electronic music. I listen to a lot of industrial and vaguely gothy stuff, but also a lot of classical and art music.

As you can probably guess, computers are one of my main interests. I'm especially interested in operating systems, networking and systems software, but also minimalist user interface design and typesetting.

I have re-occuring episodes of retro-computing, where I typically read about or try out some more or less forgotten CPU architecture, operating system or programming language.

I probably spend too much time with my computers. I try to limit the tube time by not having a TV set and working part time (30 hour week), so I can spend time with my family, my books, my bike and my sword.

I practise longsword fighting at MHFS. Still very much a beginner, but it's so fun! I also train (without sword) at a gym and bike everywhere on a minimalist singlespeed. A long time ago I practised aikidō.

I'm very fond of alpine skiing both in and off piste. Not much of that here in southern Sweden, though, but I usually get about 20 days of skiing per season.

Zen buddhism

I have been practising zazen since 1988. This probably makes me a (rather secular) zen buddhist.

Until 1991 I was a member of the Northern Lights sangha in Hudiksvall, at the time loosely affiliated with the Diamond Sangha network of Robert Aitken roshi.

In 1991 I started and maintained the mailing list Universal Zendo until I left it in better hands in the mid-90s.


Picture of MC pointing to a STOP traffic sign where someone has added "eating animals".

After many years as an ovo-lacto vegetarian I started to follow a vegan lifestyle in 2004.

To quote the british Vegan Society:

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose.

This means I don't eat meat (including fish), dairy, eggs or anything that comes from animals or is harvested from animals. It also means I try to avoid the use of leather and other byproducts of slaughter or the keeping of animals.

I have put together some notes about a vegan lifestyle (in Swedish).


I have a history as a non-violent libertarian socialist activist beginning in a punk environment in the 1980s. One of the most notable achievements is co-founding the Spunk Library text archive in 1992.

As a pacifist and antimilitarist I was a conscientious objector when drafted into the Swedish armed forces. Looking back a few years later, I wrote an amusing text about it. In Swedish, I'm afraid.

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