What am I doing now?

This is my /now page. Perhaps you should have one, too?

Trying to get back into reading fiction. Mostly SF&F. Going well in periods, I think, but sometimes it's hard to focus on reading in my free time.

Still living in Malmö in the south of Sweden with my wife Petra and our kid. My two grown kids Ludvig and Gabriel have moved out.

We have a country cottage about 60 km from Malmö where we like to spend time. Lately a kitchen renovation in the cottage has forced us to stay in the city flat for quite a while.

In late 2022 the small research team I was a part of at Mullvad VPN split into different companies. One of them is my current employer, Tillitis, which designs and sells open hardware. The main office is in Gothenburg but I mostly work from home or at a rented desk at an architect's office and sometimes at Goto 10.

Still managing all the hack.org services by myself.

Trying to work a ~30-32 hour week since 2008, mostly to get more time for personal project, family, books, swords, bikes, and to keep my wits about me.

I continue to practise zazen, the zen buddhist form of sitting meditation which I started doing in my teens, although I admit to lapses in the habit.

I practise in the German longsword tradition since a few years, typically doing cutting exercises almost every day and training formally twice a week, when I managed to get there. Sometimes hard because of travelling and, well, mood. Also into cycling minimalist bikes.

I'm often taking social media breaks but maintain a skeleton presence on some of them. Please don't be offended if I'm not answering your friend request. Reach out in some other way instead!

The social media I use the most is the Fediverse instance on @mc@hackers.town. Please note that toots are deleted automatically so if I'm on one of my breaks my timeline may be empty.

Most of the local groups I was a part of are dormant: Malmö Open Source Interest Group, the hackerspace Forskningsavd (web-site down and the space closed), #merakrypto, et cetera. Our weekly hacker's lunch is still alive but it was virtual-only for quite a while during the pandemic.

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