What am I doing now?

This is my /now page. Perhaps you should have one, too?

Living in in a flat in central Malmö in the south of Sweden with my wife Petra and our kid. My two grown kids Ludvig and Gabriel have moved out.

We have a country cottage about 60 km from Malmö where we like to spend time. We were recently more or less forced to spend two months there because of work on the drains in the flat. Hardest on #3 who had to commute to Malmö every day. I could, of course, work from there and liked it a lot. Good network connection, very quiet, nice walks. Sadly no longsword practice, but I could practice cutting on the lawn. Very understanding neighbours.

Reading a lot of fiction, mostly SF&F. Lately I've been reading a lot of other books as well, about remote working, deep work, slow productivity, and intentional living. Trying to practise some of the things, decluttering my mind a bit, and probably also the space around me.

Working part time (32 hour week) at Tillitis, a very small company. We design and sell FLOSS hardware and software. Our first project is the TKey, a small computer that can be used as a USB security token.

The main office is in Gothenburg but I mostly work from home or sometimes from coworking spaces or more temporary offices. I visit HQ about once a month.

Still managing all the hack.org services by myself. I've been trying to cut down on the services and I'm slowly working on replacing some of the hardware, too.

I continue to practise zazen, the zen buddhist form of sitting meditation which I started doing in my teens, although I admit to lapses in the habit.

I practise in the German longsword tradition since a few years, typically doing cutting exercises almost every day and training formally twice a week, when I manage to get there.

It's sometimes hard to show up at practice because of travelling and, well, an unstable mood and concentration. Lately, since I've been living away from Malmö for so long, this has been hard to keep up. It's a little sad, but I think this semester is almost up.

Into cycling minimalist singlespeed bikes. I have only two, I promise!

I'm on a permanent break from social media but maintain a skeleton presence on some of them. Please don't be offended if I'm not answering your friend request. Reach out in some other way instead!

I'm again rather active on my blog.

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