What am I doing now?

This is my /now page. Perhaps you should have one, too?

Seriously into German longsword fighting and cycling minimalist bikes (although not at the same time) since a few years.

Trying to get back into reading fiction. A success so far with about two books a week. Mostly SF&F.

Still living in Malmö in the south of Sweden with my wife Petra and our daughter. My two grown sons Ludvig and Gabriel have moved out.

On some weekends, holidays and for quite a while during the pandemic we lived in our country house/cottage.

Working mostly as a programmer at Netnod. Netnod is an Internet exchange which connects Internet providers with each other, provides anycast DNS worldwide, and provides time from atomic clocks.

Trying to work a 6 hour day since 2008, mostly to get more time with my family, my books, my swords, my bikes, and to keep my wits about me.

I continue to practise zazen, the zen buddhist form of sitting meditation which I started doing in my teens.

I'm on a lengthy social media break but maintain a skeleton presence on some of them. Please don't be offended if I'm not answering your friend request. I've been using the Fediverse more lately. You can find me on @mc@mastodon.sdf.org.

Most of the local groups I was a part of are dormant: Malmö Open Source Interest Group, the hackerspace Forskningsavd (web-site down and the space closed), #merakrypto, et cetera. Our weekly hacker's lunch is still alive, though, but it's been virtual-only during the pandemic.

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