MC's Journal

Year of Our Lady Discordia 3178

As you all know it is now YOLD 3178 according to the Discordian calendar.

As usual, I went to Berlin after Newtonmass, attending the 28th incarnation of the Chaos Communication Congress. I thought the most interesting talk this time was Meredith L. Patterson's The Science of Insecurity. Youtube video available. Of course, a lot of other talks were interesting as well, but if I had to choose just one it would be Meredith's. It's worth noting, though, that Jake and Roger from Tor got a standing ovation for their work.

28C3 was a bit tainted by my back ache. I missed out almost completely on the third day and stayed in our Prenzlauer Berg flat instead. Thank goddess for easily available painkillers.

As usual we also managed to visit not only Dolores for burritos a couple of times but also had brunch twice at the wonderful Cafe Morgenrot.

New year's eve was spent with friends outside of Linköping. I'm back in Malmö since yesterday. Expect more soon.

Carved in 100% recycled electrons by MC on this day, Pungenday, the 3 day of Chaos in the YOLD 3178.