MC's Journal

Status Report YOLD 3179

Central Malmö, southern Sweden. Sweetmorn, the 11 day of Chaos in the YOLD 3179.

Hail Eris!

We have arrived at the Year 3179 of Our Lady of Discord.

New Year's Eve was a calm event with just me, Petra and #3. Come midnight we turned off the lights and looked out through the large windows on our new flat and saw some marvellous fireworks.

After slightly more than my fair share of disease that made December a less than productive month we moved to a new flat just before Newtonmass. It was chaotic. 147 boxes are now emptied but the new flat is still a mess and there's a huge heap of junk in the middle of our living room.

I'm in the process of giving away things, including some old computers that have been standing unattended in a closet for much too long. This is what one of my old Suns said when I booted it:

3130 days since I booted it? Time to get rid of this junk!

The chaos is also present on my desk in the new flat.

If you look closely on the desk you can see that Newtonmass brought a new toy, a Snom 300 SIP phone.

I haven't done any real work for many weeks, but I hope I'll be back at it soon, Goddess allowing.