MC's Journal

#3, Mars and the blood moon

Last Friday night, about 21:30 local time. Me and #3 were walking through the city. We climbed the stairs to the roof of a car park, 12 storeys high.

We found about 70–80 other people already on the roof. Some were having a picnic on an empty parking lot. One guy had climbed onto some higher structure on top of the roof. He sat there crosslegged, quietly smoking, looking to the south-east while the sun came down.

The surveillance cameras must have seen us all but no guards came.

At 21:15 the moon should have been over the horizon but we had to wait a while longer since there were some tall buildings to the south-east. Then it slowly rose above them, the blood moon! We hung around for a while longer, #3 jumping up and down in excitement, and then we saw Mars as well. Really, really clear, slightly orange and beaming towards us.

I think I only had pointed out Jupiter and Venus to her before. She was really excited to be able to see Mars.