MC's Journal

Be Lucky Window Manager


I recently found a window manager called Be Lucky Window Manager. In the README it says:

I started this from my port of catwm ( ) july 2011 With the source for mcwm ( ) open in front of me. Cheers for the code sharing :) See bluckywm.c or config.h for thanks and licensing.

They seem to have copied at least some mcwm code verbatim, including comments. After looking through the blwm code I find it's not that much, really, but I think I should mention it.

Neither beluckywm.c nor config.h has any information on licensing.

My guess is that this is just an oversight on moetunes' part.

At first I didn't know how to contact moetunes. I didn't see any contact information on the github profile or the commits in github. Then I realized I might be able to see an e-mail address in the git repo itself. After cloning I found an e-mail address. I sent a message.