MC's Journal

JohnnyLove and the Nano Technology

No, it's not a movie or a comic book. I have a new coat. Here's a photo of me trying it on in front of the large mirror in Ludvig's room:

I wouldn't normally write about it here but after the purchase I noticed the phrase “Made with Nano Technology” on JohnnyLove's web site. I would like to comment on that.

Nanotechnology? Really? Is the coat full of tiny robots that rebuild the coat when needed like in a Charlie Stross novel? While that would be insanely cool it's not even close to the truth. What they really mean is that the cotton garment has been treated with silicone and seems more or less water resistant and wind proof. Considering the really wet and windy summer we've had here in the south of Sweden this is certainly a good thing but I don't think nanotechnology comes into it.


Btw, the price mentioned on the web page, €4200, is clearly wrong too, by an order of magnitude or so...