MC's Journal

My Window Manager Gets Icons

Finally got around to include Christian Neukirchen's patch to mcwm which will allow windows to be unmapped by client request, that is, to be be iconified or hidden. No, you can relax, they don't leave any silly icon images behind. The windows are completely unmapped.

I've hidden the patch behind a flag (-i) that you will have to use when starting mcwm to allow windows to be hidden. You can also change the default in config.h if you like.

I did it like this because currently there is no way of getting unmapped windows back from within mcwm. You will have to use an external program to do that. Christian has provided us with one called 9icon, which is distributed as scripts/9icon in mcwm. You might want to use some sort of panel instead, perhaps. Note that there is still not much support for EWMH, so panels that use the Extended Window Manager Hints won't work very well.

If someone knows of a standalone icon manager, please tell me about it. Preferably it would be written in C, use the XCB library and be able to be used both in popup mode and persistent on screen. If there isn't one I guess I have to write one unless, of course, someone else gets there first.

No release yet. Everything is in git. Use


Please note: If you use the version in git you will need xcb-util 0.3.8 to build.

Please test and report back to me. If everything looks fine for everyone I will probably make a new release.