MC's Journal

New release of mcwm and some speculations

As you may know if you subscribe to the mcwm-announce mailing list I released a new version of the mcwm window manager in late november.

Please note that from this release -b is no longer a boolean option. It now requires a numeric argument, the number of pixels in the border. 0 means mcwm asks the X server not to draw any borders.

From the NEWS file:


  * Now optionally starts programs when MODKEY + mouse buttons are
    pressed on root window. See config.h for configuration and the
    manual page for an example.

    Also simplified starting programs.


  * In a ConfigureRequest we no longer obey window movements not
    initiated by the user.

  * Fixed bug where client-initiated resize could resize outside of
    physical screen.

  * Fixed bug with topright command on other physical screens.

  * -b no longer boolean. Now takes parameter number of pixels.

There are a few items left in the TODO file. I'm currently swamped with other things but two things stand out: 1) window operations menu, and, 2) separate workspaces per physical screens.

Christian Neukirchen sent me a nice patch for hiding windows and getting them back again with the help of a script he wrote and the 9menu program. I'm thinking about what to do with them. Chances are I'm going to include a menu handling for hidden windows in the mcwm proper instead of relying on an external program.

More later...