MC's Journal

radns, part 5

As you may or may not know, I have received some funding for the radns project, my IPv6 Router Advertisment client from .SE, the foundation behind the Swedish ccTLD.

I wrote a report on the work (in Swedish) in August that some of you might want to read.

On August 9 I sent radns to FreeBSD ports. I also have a preliminary Debian package ready. See the project web pages.

Since then I haven't spent much time with radns but what I have done is to add better integration with the resolvconf program in Debian. You see, resolvconf assumes that you're running as root and radns quickly gives up root and runs as a non-privileged user. I have added some sort of privelege seperation to work around this. I did the work in a separate program and will soon integrate with radns. Look for it in the git repo.