MC's Journal

XS4All and Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

We have a machine in co-location at XS4All in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A few weeks ago the machine suddenly died. No response on the serial console and nothing happened if I remotely toggled the power switch (both the serial console and the remote power control were selling points when we decided on XS4All).

When nothing seemed to help we called the helpdesk and an on-site technician went to have a look. He said “I can see the problem. It's your power supply.“ Uh-oh!

A little while later the same technician, Gerben, called back and said “You're in a bit of luck”. Apparently XS4All also use Supermicro boxen and he simply lifted a power supply from one of their decommissioned servers and replaced ours!

Now that's service above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks, Gerben! I hope you liked the cookies.