History of mcwm

I was a CTWM user for a long time. You can see where I'm coming from by having a look at my CTWM configuration file.

Configuring and patching CTWM made me realize at least some of the things I want from a window manager. I'm afraid that I consider the CTWM source code a lost cause, so in 2008 I switched to evilwm, patched it a bit but was still not satisfied.

In a hacking frenzy in two days in June of 2010 while the baby daughter was asleep I wrote mcwm. At the end of those two days most of the current functionality was present.

evilwm was an inspiration for most of the key bindings and some functionality in mcwm. Of course, many of the key bindings were originally inspired by vi and nethack!

The tinywm window manager was an inspiration for the mouse resize and move functions in mcwm. I started the mcwm project by re-implementing something like tinywm using XCB functions instead of Xlib functions.

There are a few other window managers that use XCB but most of them are tiling.

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