Interesting Software According to MC

This is a collection of interesting and/or useful software I have collected and for some reason kept around for a while. Perhaps some of it can be of interest to others as well.

There is no order, no categories and some of this material may even be of a somewhat dubious copyright nature. I have tried to follow the copyright licenses that I was aware of, but please tell me if you object to having any of these packages listed.



MS Word macros that makes Word friendlier to Emacs users.


Daniel Jensen's Swedish calender extensions for the Emacs calender.


A BCPL compiler.

A Brainfuck to Postscript compiler in Postscript. Written by Marcus Comstedt.

One of Chuck Moore's many Forth implementations.


A really twisted implementation of an analogue clock in very um... portable C by KPJ Jaakola. Have a look at the TOPS-20 version. Inspired by an original program written for the MIDAS assembler by Guy L. Steele (GLS).


A C program for computing Discordian dates.


Discordian date support in Emacs Lisp, written by His Unholiness Pope !Calle of Flaxbourough.


A port of GNU Emacs 18 to Mac OS. I don't use Mac OS myself, but this is usually hard to find nowadays. Please note that GNU Emacs 19 and 20 is now supported on the Mac OS platform when Apple decided to turn into good guys again.


A collection of font manipulating software. Suitable for use with MGR fonts and VGA fonts.


Useful Perl script for converting Info files to HTML on the fly if you want people to be able to browese your Info repository with WWW clients.


A really ancient listing of a Lisp implementation for the DEC PDP-1.


Software for typesetting source code in documents marked with troff.

A Postscript program to print a lot of Pacman characters. Don't try this on your printer.

Peter da Silva's Postscript News signature. Have you hugged your wolf today?

A Postscript program to generate your own Discordian pope cards. Share them with every living discordian pope! Start your own religion!


A Quicksort implementation in Forth.

A ray tracer in Postscript. May take a while to finish depending on the CPU of the printer.




A Mandelbrot generator for your Tektronix terminal. Everyone should have at least one in their home!

A Perl script to make those TinyDNS logs more legible by humans. Sorry, Dan.


Source and some binaries for the MGR Window System.


An implementation of the Pong game for the Forth system disguising as Open Firmware. If you have OF boot PROMs in your machine, for instance a Sun SPARCstation or a modern Apple Macintosh, you should try this!


A FIG Forth implementation for VAX computers under VMS. Written in MACRO-32 assembler.


Useful program to verify e-mail addresses with SMTP VRFY/EXPN or faking it with a RCPT TO.


A directory with programs suitable for use with VT terminals (display GIFs on your VT320!) and some files with VT control codes you can cat to the screen to torture your favourite terminal.