MC's Technology Profile

This is a companion document to my résumé and my work page.

Programming Languages

Go: Intermediate. Preferred language.

C: Expert. Very active C programmer since 1988, primarily in a Unix environment.

Perl: Experienced.

Python: Experienced.

Bourne shell: Experienced.

Forth: Experienced. Experienced both as a Forth programmer and as a developer of Forth systems.

Assembler: Intermediate experience with assemblers of at least these architectures: CRIS, ARM, VAX and PDP-11.

I know many “little languages”, for instance Emacs Lisp, Make, sed, ragel, some awk, lex and yacc/bison, among many others.

Operating Systems

Unix: Expert. Unix programmer since 1991. The systems include such operating systems as FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Ultrix and many others, including some odd birds, such as Diab's D-NIX.

Experienced Unix system administrator, primarily of FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux.

Some kernel programming in FreeBSD and Linux.

OpenVMS: Some experience as a user and in software development.

Plan 9: Some experience as a user and in software development.

I also have experience as a user and occassional programmer from many other operating systems, but either my experience is limited or the systems are not modern enough to be listed here. I have an interest in retro-computing and I collect old systems software.


Experience primarily as a programmer using Berkeley DB, dbm derivatives, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

Some experience as database manager of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Some APIs and Protocols

The POSIX.1 Systems API, BSD Sockets (including IPv6), SCTP, DNS, raw TCP/IP including handcrafting of packets, Tibco/Rendezvous, X Window System on Xlib and XCB level, and many application level protocols such as NNTP, SMTP and FTP among many others.

Development Tools

Almost daily experience since 1991 of the Unix environment with, for example, tools such as Emacs, make, GCC (and other Unix C compilers), GDB, GNU binutils, strace/truss/ktrace, et cetera.

Devops Tools

Documentation Tools

LaTeX, troff and friends as well as both XML and SGML DocBook and similar DTDs. Prefers simple Markdown, if available.

Version Control Systems

Natural Languages

Native language: Swedish. Fluent in English. Understands and reads some German.

I'm used to writing technical documentation and to prepare and hold presentations for mostly technical, but also non-technical audiences.

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