Independent consultant

Michael “MC” Cardell Widerkrantz
mc [at]
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Technology profile.

These days I work with applied research and programming at Tillitis, a small company that builds open hardware. I'm not available for assignments.

For a while I used to work as an independent consultant specialising in software development, network protocols, devops, and even system administration focusing on FreeBSD and Linux.

Most of the software I work with is released under liberal licenses, so called free, libre and open-source software. I also maintain some software projects.

I've written network protocol parsers, some kernel code and many *nix server programs. I've worked with many different languages and platforms, ranging from assembler to Python, but currently prefer Go/golang when I'm not writing Emacs Lisp to customize my main environment, Emacs. I've done very little GUI programming with one notable exception: an X11 window manager called mcwm.

What you can expect of me

If you want a buzzword compliant list of things I think I know something about, see my technology profile.

What I expect

In a job or an assignment I expect to spend most of my time looking at an Emacs frame, writing Go or C code (not C++!), typically compiling under FreeBSD or Linux. Some of the time I write Emacs Lisp, Perl, Python, awk, Bourne Shell or rc scripts to help me in my work.

During a typical day some time is also spent pouring over network traces from tcpdump or Wireshark or similar tools.

Most of the documentation I write using Emacs, probably in Markdown or similar.

I work mostly from home. I keep in touch with co-workers mainly through e-mail, chat, and video meetings, preferably open protocols.

I like pair programming. It can be as simple as audio with Mumble and a shared tmux.

I work part time, 30-32 hours a week.

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