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Managing reading
Collaborative working and writing
Network Time Security
Incompatible Timesharing System
#3, Mars and the blood moon
The now page movement
Teleservice offers IPv6 over 6rd
Going native on a Chromebook
Running CP/M: Microbee, Compis, and Yaze-AG
IPv6 Only FreeBSD
32th Chaos Communication Congress, part 4
32th Chaos Communication Congress, part 3
32th Chaos Communication Congress, part 2
32th Chaos Communication Congress, part 1
Using Hugo as a blog generator
mub - a minimalist IRC client in Go
Disk crash brought down & others
Go and xmpp-client
Experiments with Raspberry Pis
IPv6 tunnel from HE with dynamic endpoint on FreeBSD
Symbolics and the Lisp machines
Converting a blog from Blosxom to Pelican
You've got mail!
mu4e — a powerful Emacs mail client
Using DuckDuckGo as a Tor Hidden Service in Firefox search box
OS X User Notifications from rcirc
New release of the simgal gallery generator
rcirc and the bouncer
Using EMMS on OS X
First day at new job
FreeBSD serial console on another port
Personality types
Autumn is here
Surviving OS X on a Macbook Air
Using the pomodoro technique with Emacs
Gislövs läge
Wayland, window managers and suicide
Openiked, a FreeBSD port and partial NAT-T on FreeBSD and Linux
Bletchley Park & The National History of Computing Museum
Status Report YOLD 3179
IPsec at FSCONS 2012
Why PHP is not my favourite programming language
Hacker school at Internet discovery day
Visiting Aida
Local newspaper writes about hacker/maker culture
Delete your Facebook account
MC speaking at FSCONS 2012
BTNS Progress Report 4
Progress in the BTNS project: Raw RSA key in CERT payload
MC turns 40 blocked by web filtering companies
Ludvig's graduation
Errors in press release about BTNS project
Better-than-nothing security
Ubuntu LTS: Unity, Sugar and Wayland
Presentation of mcwm at FSCONS 2011
In praise of silent terminals
screen & tmux
µWM — Another XCB-based Stacking Window Manager
Be Lucky Window Manager
Icons in mcwm and new program: hidden
Three Happy Hacking Keyboards
Resolver now loads IPSECKEY into racoon
Patches to racoonctl
racoonctl talks to racoon
mcwm + icons = true
My Window Manager Gets Icons
Running Firefox as Another User
New Racoon Patches
OE IPsec part 6, Racoon Patches and Configuration
OE IPsec part 5, The (Wo)Man in the Middle
OE IPsec part 4, It Works!
OE IPsec part 3
Year of Our Lady Discordia 3178
New xcb-util breaks mcwm, part 2
New xcb-util breaks mcwm
OE IPsec part 2
Opportunistic Encryption on the IP Layer
Privilege seperation in radns
New release of mcwm and some speculations
The Country Cottage
pfSense looks at radns
radns in FreeBSD ports
XS4All and Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Sherlock Holmes
Post-It Invaders
radns, part 5
JohnnyLove and the Nano Technology
Genesi Efika MX Smartbook
Ny release av mcwm
CST L-Trac-X
Ändra tangentbordslayout med XKB
Happy Hacking Keyboard och XKB, del 2
Happy Hacking Keyboard och XKB
mcwm del 6
radns del 4, och en teaser om mcwm
Rockbox på SanDisk Sansa Clip +
Minix på Atari ST
Importera Google Calendar till Emacs Calendar
MC får stipendium?
Fotoalbumgeneratorn simgal, del 4
Fotoalbumgeneratorn simgal Bourne again
Siemens RTL Tiling WM, Blit, Andrew Window System och Wayland
Fotoalbumgeneratorn simgal
MC:s fotoalbumgenerator
MC går över till HTML5 (för ett år sedan!)
mcwm i FreeBSD ports
Kreativ nostalgi med Atari ST, Blit, MGR, UW och DNet
Uppdatering av fönsterhanteraren mcwm
dzen — en programmerarvänlig statuspanel
De fria IPv4-adressblocken är slut!
27C3: 27th Chaos Communication Congress
radns, del 3
Länkar 2010-11-29
Fönsterhanteraren mcwm, en uppdatering
Emacsclient flyttar Emacs-fönster!
FSONS 2010
Firefox som annan användare
Lätt asocial MC, FSCONS och 27C3
Textbaserade musikspelare
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2
Ny X-server vs gammal xmodmap
HP ZR24w
Fönsterhanteraren mcwm, del två
radns, del 2
Övergång till UTF-8
Några ord om typsnitt i X och typsnitt för programmering
Konvertering till Markdown och valideringen av bloggen
Tangentbordsmappning i FreeBSD, del 2
Tangentbordsmappningar i FreeBSD-konsollen (och några till X)
Hackjunta #1
Markdown vs Blosxom 1-0: Bra bloggverktyg, någon?
Den sociala webben eller det sociala nätet: en betraktelse
Tre knappar! Jag vill ha tre knappar!
Happy Hacking Keyboard
IPv6, autokonfiguration och DNS
Datorer till folket! Nät åt alla!
Vävd kabel
Open Source Days 2010
Razzian mot hackerspacet Forskningsavdelningen
Varför behövs IPv6?
Internets födelsedag
Multi-user chat, SCTP och nätverksbibliotek
Kampen om hackern
Datalagringsdirektivet och möjliga vägar runt det
FreeBSD 7.2 på Thinkpad X60s
ARPANET-film, Imlac PDS-1 och Maze
Tidiga skärmtexteditorer
Ny blog